Vicki inherited a great love of plants from both her botanist parents and has always had a keen interest in the visual arts. After a 30 year career playing Associate Principal Oboe with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra she now devotes her time to Botanic Art. Vicki has successfully exhibited her paintings in galleries in Melbourne and near her new home in South Gippsland.


In 2016 at The Art of Botanical Illustration exhibition she was awarded an Honourable Mention for three of her paintings. These three (chosen by Celia Rosser) were Akane apples, Black Genoa figs, and the Blackberry leaf. In 2018 Vicki was awarded another Honourable Mention, this time for her Red poppy. This painting was also used on the flyer to advertise the exhibition as well as on banners and billboards around Melbourne.

Her Summer Sampler painting was selected for the 2017 Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne calendar, and her painting of Akane apples is on the front cover of the 2018 calendar. Vicki's extensive garden in Gippsland includes a wonderful variety of plants and provides a great source of inspiration for her painting.